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SportHotel internal regulations

"SportHotel" Policies

  1. Check-in time is from 14:00. Check – out time (time of arrival is not taken in consideration) is till 12:00 p.m. If staying longer (after 12:00), additional cost is applied – 1/2 of the room price (possibility to stay in room till 18:00).
  2. The cost is applied per room.
  3. The capacity of the room depends on the room type.For example, - twin room = 2 beds = 2 persons.Guest can receive visitors in his room until 23:00, when visitors stay in the room after 23:00, they must pay an additional fee in the amount of 10 EUR for each person.
  4. The cost for the room is payed before the keys are received and the room used.
  5. If the way of payment is transfer, a guarantee letter, where the following is guaranteed, is required – to pay for the used hotel service according to the hotel bill.Following information is also required:- registers of enterprice or private person (name/name and surname; registration number/personal ID number; address, bank, bank code, account number, contact person, telephone number);- number of rooms required, number of days the room will be booked and paid for.
  6. Each hotel guest must follow check – in procedure a registration card where personal data from documents (passport, ID card) are written in. Producing documents is obligatory, otherwise we cannot accept you as a guest in our hotel.
  7. The inventory of the hotel (towels, glasses, ash trays, door keys etc) is property of the hotel and is not allowed to be taken away. It is rented but not given as a gift.
  8. It is prohibited to move furniture in the room.
  9. The guests should remember that they are not only guests in the hotel; therefore do not make a noise after 24:00, do not disturb other guests.
  10. When leaving the hotel, the keys of the room must be left at reception.
  11. In case of loosing the keys 10 EUR fee is cashed.
  12. If a guest damages inventory in the hotel, the guest pays for the damage. Agreement on this is signed in the registration card. Hotel's walls, doors, windows, carpets, plants, etc. are also considered as inventory.
  13. Before checking out the room must be inspected together with a receptionist.
  14. References, suggestions and complaints can be turned in at the receptionist or in email adress
  15. For smoking in improper place at the hotel fine 50 EUR!
  16. Please do not leave expensive things. If necessary, pass it to administrator at the reception.
  17. Guest is responsible for the violation of fire safety in hotel.
  18. The administrator has the right to refuse in check – in, if the guest is in a poor condition. (for example, the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  19. The administrator has the right to check out guest who is in a poor condition. In this case administrator call to security or criminal police.
  20. At your request and after administrator accepting, guests who arrive to you can stay in you room from 8:00 am. to 23:00 pm., but only if they have passport or ID card and when they are check in reception.
  21. Pets are allowed only on request. This service is chargeable - 7 EUR per each pet/per night.

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